Professional and Educational Qualifications


– Spanish
– English (second language)


  • NBA (2 months): Visitor coach with Denver Nuggets, invited by Coach George Karl to attend training sessions, games and staff meetings for preparation and evaluation of competition.
    Learning close to one of the best player development coaches in NBA, Tim Grgurich.
  • Colleges (3 months): Visitor coach with Denver University (NCAA, div1) and Metro State (NCAA div2) both in Denver, (Colorado, USA).


Playing Experience

Professional player in the Spanish basketball leagues EBA and LEB Plata (1993-2003)

Professional Experience and Achievements

Professional coaching experience developed in the Spanish basketball leagues and at international championships with the Spanish National Basketball Team

2020/21Coosur Betis
1st Assistant Coach
(head coach Joan Plaza)
2019China National TeamTactical Analyst and Scouting Specialist2019 FIBA World Cup
2018/19 ESTUDIANTES Movistar
1st Assistant Coach
2017/18 CB Araberri Basket
LEB Oro League
Head Coach
2014/17CB CLAVIJO (Logroño)
LEB Oro League
Head Coach
ACB League
1st Assistant Coach
Guest and observer Coach
2005/12Club Basquet Coruña
EBA League
LEB Bronze League
LEB Plata League
Head CoachPlay-off to promote to LEB Oro (classified 5th)
Best defensive team of the regular season
Promotion to LEB Plata
(classified 2nd)
Promotion to LEB Bronze
(classified 3rd)
2005/12Club Básquet Coruña
EBA League
LEB Bronze League
LEB Plata League
Youth Teams
2004/05Club Baloncesto Pontevedra
LEB Plata League
Club Manager and
Assistant Coach
Play-off to promote to LEB Oro
2003/04Club Basquet Coruña
EBA League
Assistant Coach and Physical TrainerPromotion to LEB Plata
(classified 3rd).
2003/04Club Basquet CoruñaYouth Teams
1998-03Club Baloncesto Ciudad de PontevedraYouth Teams Coach
1993/03Club Baloncesto Ciudad de PontevedraFEB Professional
Player (EBA and LEB

(Spanish Basketball Federation- Spanish National Team)

2011U-16 Spanish National TeamAssistant CoachCzech Republic European
Bronze Medal
2010U-18 Spanish National TeamAssistant CoachVilnius (Lietuva) European
2009U-19 Spanish National TeamAssistant CoachAuckland (Nz) World
2008U-20 Spanish National TeamAssistant CoachRiga (Latvia) European
Bronze Medal

Teaching Experience


  • Cantanhede International Clinic (Portugal, 2009). Presenters: Aleksander Dikic, Josep Mª Izquierdo, Antonio Pérez
  • Sagrado Corazón Lugo Clinic (Spain, 2012). Presenters: Gustavo Aranzana, Ricard Casas, Antonio Pérez.
  • Vilagarcía Clinic (Spain, 2013). Presenters: Txus Vidaorreta, Gonzalo Rodríguez, Jordi Cairó, Antonio Pérez.
  • Vigo Monographic Clinic: “The Pass at Educational Stages” (Spain, 2013). Presenter: Antonio Pérez.
  • Cantanhede International Clinic (Portugal, 2013). Presenters: Mario Gomes, Marco Ramondino,  David Conrady, Tony Jasick, Antonio Pérez.
  • Cambre Monographic Clinic (FGB). (Spain, 2013, 2014, 2015 y 2016). Presenter: Antonio Pérez.
  • Federación Valenciana (FVB) – Conference (Spain, 2013): “Teaching Methodology of Technical Skills – Tactical Concepts in Defense”. Presenter: Antonio Pérez.
  • Federación Gallega (FGB) – Conference (Spain 2013): “Communication strategies for coaches”. Presenter: Antonio Pérez.
  • “Discovering the Assistant Coach” – Clinic (Spain, 2014). Presenters: Juancho Armental, Agustí Julbe, Federico Fuca, Diego Ocampo, Jesús Ramírez, Antonio Pérez.
  • Monographic Clinic “The Pass at Educational Stages” (Spain, 2015). Presenter: Antonio Pérez.
  • Federación Navarra de Baloncesto – Clinic (Spain, 2016). “Use of Technical Skills – Tactical Concepts in Pass and Dribbling”. Presenter: Antonio Pérez.
  • Clinic Orense (Spain, 2016). “Close Out in Offense and Defense”. Presenters: Jota Cuspinera and Anonio Pérez.
  • Baskeball MAD10 Congress, Alicante  (Spain, 2016). Presenter: Antonio Pérez.


  • Training Camp – Portuguese Basketball Federation (FPB). (Portugal, 2013).
  • Training Camp – Ciudad de Denia (Spain, 2013).
  • Training Camp – Cambre (Spain, 2013).
  • Training Camp – CB Porto- Dragon Force (Portugal, 2015 and 2017).
  • Individual Technical Skills and Tactical Concepts– Professor (Courses for Basketball Coaches – Galician Basketball Federation. Spain).


Coach Antonio is a players coach. He not only understands the game well, he understands his players and puts them in the best position to be successful. My one year playing for him, has been my favorite as a professional. He is a great offensive mind, while playing for him, our team was easily one of the best offensive teams in the league. Coach Antonio can take any team and put them in position.
Alec Wintering
Portland University
Coach Antonio Pérez was the first professional coach I ever had. Being new to the professional game and FIBA, he did a fantastic job of teaching me the concepts and skills necessary to succeed. He used basketball to build our relationship and it became clear he cared about me as a person and wanted to see me do well. When I struggled as a player he encouraged me saying that I was doing the right things and working in the correct way. When I succeeded as a player, he was authentic in his happiness for me but also reminded me that I could reach another level. I trusted him because of the time he invested in me and the work we did. Coach Antonio showed a great balance of encouragement and discipline all while teaching his ideas about basketball. He understands that basketball is built around relationships and took the time to develop ours. I have a lot of respect for the person Coach Antonio is, the work he has done, and the discipline he has shown to improve himself every year. Even though I have not played for him in several years, I can still count on his support when I need it. That is a special quality to possess and not many people in this business actually have it. Without his help in developing my skills, as well as the guidance he provided off the court, I would not have been able to experience the level of success I have had as a professional basketball player.
Mike Carlson
JuveCaserta A2 Italy
Antonio was a great coach and mentor during my year with him. Always trying to help the team and individuals to be their best versions. Great on managing different people and try to reach the goals. All from individual talks and workouts to team chemistry. Good on details and got answer on all the tactics. But what I take most from him is the way he understood the player and how to got out the best out of them.
Ludde Håkanson
Swedish National Team, Betis Sevilla ACB, Estudiantes ACB, VEF Riga, Stelmet Zielona Góra
Coach Antonio Pérez is a Great coach with clear ideas and standards for his players. Has a lot of management tools to maintain the team in the best possible shape, prepare for the competition and get better. Hard working person who doesn’t mind spending a lot of extra time for players development and bring the best out of them. Can get his point across very clearly and communicate the objectives to his players and staff. Great person to be around and to learn from.
Vlady Gerun
Unicaja de Málaga, ACB, Eurocup, internacional absoluto con Ukraine
During my career I was fortunate with a lot lot of great coaches, so when I signed towards the end of my career in the Spanish 2nd division, I didn’t really know what to expect. To my surprise the transition was really smooth, mostly thanks to coach Antonio. From the coaching stand point Antonio kept the bar high, up to the point that he was not far away from some of the top coaches that I had the privilege to meet. I enjoyed our time together both on and off the court. I loved our style of play, I really admired Antonio’s game knowledge and even more his dedication to player development, that I consider a very important „duty“ for any team. We were able to build our relationship off the court as well. I am ready to recommend coach Antonio Perez any time, for his great basketball knowledge and passion for the game.
Jakub Kudlacek
Czech National Team
Coach Antonio is an awesome coach! I am very thankful to have had the pleasure of playing for him professionally in Spain. He helped me develop into a better player by putting him into positions to succeed and giving me an opportunity to work on my game. He does a great job of managing a team and keeping guys focused toward a goal. Offensively, he is brilliant as we had one of the most explosive offense teams in the league. I loved playing for him in the past and would love to play for him again in the future. Great coach who helped me transition well in a new country and new league. Also a great guy off the court, as I have kept in contact with him since playing for him.
Johnny Dee
San Diego University, Betis Sevilla, GBC San Sebastián